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Our services

At Casanova we operate all types of national and international transport by land. We prioritize quality, safety and punctuality, on top of the will to improve constantly.

We put our soul into our work, this our vocation.

Land transport

At transport Casanova we are specialized in international transport by land. Our operative are is all Europe, mainly the French speaking countries. We also transport your goods in Spain including small packages from door to door.

Full truck load

The full truck loads are characterized by the exclusive access of the entire truck capacity. This is the ideal type of prestation depending on your needs as you can benefit from full control and facility through the exclusivity of the truck.

Groupage or partial load

We offer groupage or partial loads services to allow you to transport goods on a smaller scale that way we can share the capacity of the truck. Thanks to this we can optimize costs for our customers, on top of the space optimization.


We count warehouses at our facilities where we can keep your goods then distribute them the way you desire in all Spain, including from door-to-door service.

Goods tracking

All our fleet is equipped with the last generation of GPS that allows us, as to our customer, to know precisely where their goods are in real time.

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Main countries where we provide our services:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Italy

We are Casanova, Handy logistic for you

  • Reference in international transport.
  • Fleet of more than 100 vehicules.
  • We care about the environment.
  • A the head of technological development. 
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