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The company

We have been working more than 12 years in transport and logistics at Transport Casanova. We operate at our facilities based in Ribarroja.

We center ourselves on in international transport of general goods by land and we operate in all Europe, but mainly in the French speaking countries. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland but also Germany, Netherlands and Italy are the countries where we operate the most.

We carry out FTL, partial loads and groupage, with all we include the tracking and respect the deadlines.

From the first contact with a customer, their priorities become ours.

Punctuality · Eficiency · Reliability

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How do we work

Our fleet is composed of more than a 100 vehicules. Our trucks are less than 3 years old which allow to comply with the most strict norms regarding CO2 emissions and our equipped with the last technologies.

We take care of each demand meticulously that each load arrives safe and at the time allocated. Furthermore we communicate continuously with our customers about the positions of their thanks to our live tracking.

We know that for our customers a delay will occur costs therefore our teams put all their efforts to avoid delays and solve any problem that could occur in the best delays possible.

In this way we can assure our customers peace of mind and a partnership with a company that provides safe solutions, attractive and efficient.

We keep up with the latest technologies

Supporting innovation

At Transport Casanova we are on the cutting edge of technology. All our solutions are overseen by technicians which allows us to adapt to each customer and raise the specification of our services, improve the processes and provide the best efficiency.
Some of the technologies we use are::

  • Smart transport system
  • Triangulation, tracking and last GPS advances with assisted navigation; providing our customer at each moment the exact position of their goods
  • Route optimization

Furthemore we care about the environment: all our technology advances allow us to work in a more sustainable way.

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What do we do?
These are our services

Transport by land

Full truck load



Goods tracking

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Main countries where we provide our services:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Italy